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January 3, 2020

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Modi implores CAA opponents to rail against Pak atrocities against Hindus

While addressing a large group of seers and students in Tumukr took aim at the anti-CAA protesters, and urged them to see how Pakistan ill-treats its Hindu minorities.

Good words and phrases used .. Implore, Rail against, Take aim at

Tata Sons approach Supreme Court against the NCALT order

Citing the many weaknesses in the NCALT order that reinstated Cyrus Mistry, Tata Sons have formally filed their petition before the Apex Court pointing out to the loopholes in the order. They have sought the Apex Court to quash the same.

Good words used .. Loopholes, Quash

CM Yediurappa appeals to PM for more aid

The Chief Minister used the occasion to ask the Modi to be a little more generous in giving central aid to Karnataka.

 Bangladeshis caught at the border

About 1000 Bangladeshis were apprehended at the Indo-Bangladesh border, while trying to go in to or returning from India illegally. This was revealed by Major General Shafeenul Islam, Head of the Bangladesh Border Guards (BGB).


Tiger deaths decline appreciably in the country

As a result of the many steps taken to reduce tiger deaths, the number of tigers dying has come down to less than 100. The news has gladdened the activists, government officials, and the forest community.

Science Congress extra cautious this time to avoid pseudo-science creeping into its deliberations

In the last session, many speakers cited arguments and historical accounts to portray India as a country where the modern science we see today were already invented and practiced. Such unsubstantial claims had invited derision and embarrassed the organizers. This year, efforts are being made to vet speakers and their papers, so that such tall claims are not made.

Good words used .. Derision, Creep, Vet

Tableaus of West Bengal, Kerala, and Maharashtra will not be seen in this year’s Republic Day parade

Perhaps, due to the prevailing animosity between the Center and the three states, their tableaus have been excluded from the grand parade.

Architects and activists cry foul at the revamp plan of the Central Vista (Delhi’s Parliament area)

More than 100 firms and groups have fretted at the way the Central Vista is going to be recast. They have demanded more consultation and scrutiny of the plan.

Good words and phrases used .. Cry foul at, Revamp, Fret

Four Russians deported

The Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) has deported four Russians who had come to the country on business visas. However, they were found to be seeking jobs as Bakers and Tea makers in restaurants and hotels. Since it amounted to violation of visa conditions, the four were deported.

Five DRDO young scientists labs coming up

The prime minister unfolded plans to set up research labs in different cities- Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Young scientists will work in these labs on futuristic warfare projects.

Air defence command formation work starts

Gen. Rawat, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has asked the air chief to come up with a plan for air defence by June 30, 2020.

 Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter claims she was detained

Iltija Mufti claimed that security forces stopped her from going to her grandfather’s grave, but the spokesperson of the forces has rebutted the claim. They say, Iltija Mufti enjoys unfettered freedom to travel, and she has met her incarcerated mother, Mehbooba Mufti, many times.

Good words used .. Rebutted, Unfettered, Incarcerated  

India and Nepal hold talks on the disputed territory of Kalapani

To resolve the Kalapani issue that has created so much bad blood between the two neighbours, both sides will soon hold parleys.

Good phrases and words used .. Create bad blood, Parley

Private hospitals in Karnataka threaten to stop providing cash-less treatment to insurance beneficiaries

The hospitals allege that the government owes them a staggering Rs.1200 crores towards claims for hospital bills of patients who were beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) And ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS). They have warned that they will not offer cashless facilities, unless the government pays their bills.

Rural Karnataka makes good strides towards digital payments

It is heartening to find that rural folks in Karnataka have overcome their inhibition and mistrust towards digital payments, and have adopted it in great numbers. A large number of retailers have been deployed across the state to provide a wide array of services like railway ticket booking, money remittances, payment of government dues etc.

Coffee production nose-dives due to climate disturbances

India’s Arabica coffee production has taken a massive hit due to heavy rainfall, floods, landslides etc.

Sugar output drops by one third

Excess sugar production has been India’s bane for years. It leads to a glut of sugar in the market, pile-up of unsold stocks, and delayed payment of cane growers’ dues by sugar mills. However, sugar production has fallen by a third. As a result, sugar prices have stabilized. Export of sugar is going on steadily. It is hoped that all these factors will ameliorate the suffering of the sugarcane farmers.

Good words used .. Bane, Ameliorate, Glut

India has briefed foreign governments about CAA

A spokesperson of the External Affairs Ministry stated that the government had duly apprised most foreign governments about the different aspects of CAA.


Taiwan’s air chief dies in chopper crash

Gen. Shen Yi-ming, the air force chief of Taiwan has died in a helicopter crash. It is a tragic loss for a country that wants to make itself more secure and stable.

Turkey to send forces to Tripoli: Will the move end as a quagmire?

On the request of the UN-backed government in Tripoli, Turkey will send military reinforcements to Libya. The Turkish Parliament approved this deployment. Libya has become the shadow-boxing arena of powerful countries in the area. The insurgents led by Gen. Khalifa Haftar are mounting relentless raids on Tripoli to dislodge the government there. These insurgents are backed by Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt. The beleaguered government in Tripoli has UN backing, and now will have Turkish military behind them.

Good words used .. Quagmire, Reinforcements, Arena, Dislodge

America asks its airlines to avoid Pak airspace

The U.S. government perceives risks in Pakistan’s skies. So, it has advised its airlines to skirt Pakistani air space.

US kills top Iranian general ‘Qasem Soleimani’ in Baghdad air strike

As a retribution for the Iran-backed militias storming its Baghdad embassy, U.S forces targeted the local Iranian commander and killed him. He was the kingpin of all Iranian activities in the Iraqi capital. His killing has made Iran’s spiritual leader, Khameine very angry. He has promised retaliation with great fury and fire.

Good words used .. Retribution, Kingpin

Lebanon gives a warm embrace to Ghosn

The fugitive Nissan Chief Ghosn, who staged an inexplicable escape from Japan, has been received warmly in Lebanon. In the meanwhile, Interpol has issued a Red Corner notice in the name of Ghosn.

Good words used .. Fugitive, Inexplicable

Divestment in Air India and BPCL may not be completed by March

Procedural delays, requests from bidders for more time, and government’s pre-occupation with other issues will push the selling off of Air India and BPCL to the next fiscal.

ONGC wins all the seven gas blocks

In the auction that saw only eight bids, ONGC emerged as the strongest bidder and won all the seven oil blocks on offer. The yield from these blocks may touch 33 billions of oil or oil-equivalent.

Manufacturing activity shows recovery in December

Recovery in manufacturing sector in December has come as a surprise for the Government. Yet, the corporate world is keeping its fingers crossed.











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