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January 27, 2020

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Impressive military parade marks Republic Day celebrations

In the presence of the Brazilian President Bolsonao, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, India displayed its newly-acquired Anti-Satellite(A-Sat) Missile capability. There were the heavy-lift Chinook helicopters and the top-of-the-line Apache attack helicopters bought from the U.S. The parade had contingents from the three armed services, and other paramilitary wings. School children marching and exhibiting drills added to the joyous mood of the event.

ULFA carries out bomb blasts in four different places in Assam

As it is routine, ULFA made its presence felt by carrying out minor bomb blasts in four different places of Assam.

MGNREGA might grind to a halt due to funds crunch

The highly popular and effective MGNREGA scheme that goes a long way in alleviating rural distress might grind to a halt, as 96% of its budget has already been exhausted.

India faces censure in EU parliament on CAA and Kashmir

This week, a number of resolutions proposed by MEPs will come up for discussion. All such resolutions berate India’s stance on CAA, and Kashmir. For India’s long term political and economic interests, such glare of international scrutiny might prove to be quite damaging.

Good words used .. Berate, Censure

Indians trapped in Wuhan face uncertain times

The Indian government has requested the Chinese to facilitate early exit of the trapped Indians out of Whuan, but with the city under a virtual embargo, this is not going to be easy. In the meanwhile, the total death toll due to Caronavirus has risen to 56, aggravating international panic.

Adoption of orphans – not always a rosy process

Many cases of unhappy endings to adoption of young children by foster parents have come to light in the last five years. In most cases, the children are returned unceremoniously by the foster parents within the first few months, or even after two or three years of the child living with them. For such aborted adoption, the parents cite many reasons, but incompatibility with a child coming from unknown socio-economic background is possibly the main cause. For the parents returning the child, it might be good riddance, and an end to further problems, but for the discarded child, the feeling of rejection and insecurity can leave deep scars in their minds.

Despite the many legal safeguards put in place to reduce such instances of incompatibility, and failure of the parents to cement their emotional bond with the child, rejections do happen. One can imagine how traumatic it can become for a tender child to be thrown out of a household for no fault of theirs. The need of the hour, therefore, is to further fine-tune the adoption process, so that chances of mismatch between the adoptive parents and the incoming child are reduced to the minimum. The adoption process will then not lead to an emotionally-bruised child returning with no sky over his head.

Good words used .. Bruised, Riddance, Discarded, Cement as verb, Scar, Incompatibility, Abort,


Insurgency in north east down, claims PM

Speaking in his Man ki Baat parogramme, prime minister stated that the signing of the Bru-Reang agreement was historic and a feather in his cap. The accord has brought peace to the embattled north east.

Good words and phrases used .. Embattled, Feather in one’s cap

Anti-CAA protests happen in the U.S. too

The Indian diaspora in Washington and elsewhere in the United States turned out in numbers on the Republic Day to register their opposition to the highly discriminatory and un-constitutional. As many as 30 U.S. cities saw such protests.

2G internet services back in the entire J&K after a six-month spell

Kashmiris were elated to see 2G services back, but it brought only cold comfort to them because 2G services are painfully slow for efficient use of internet services. This apart, the services were briefly stopped in the hours preceding the Republic Day celebrations. The services are now back, but for optimum benefit for students and the business community, 3G services need to be restored.

Davinder Singh extorted money from the Hizbul militants

Davinder Singh, the rogue police officer now in custody, extracted money from Hizb militants, thus severely impairing the anti-terror operations of the police and the army. He amassed humongous ill-gotten wealth this way disregarding the call of duty for the country.

Good words used .. Rogue, Extort, Amass, Humongous

Cancer, Diabetes, and Hypertension now pose great risk in non-tribal areas of M.P.

A recent survey shows that non-communicable diseases are spreading alarmingly even among school-going boys and girls. Incidence of hypertension among junior students has baffled doctors who want the parents to realize the damage it causes to their children’s long-term health and well-being.

Poverty alleviation efforts will be impeded by economic slow-down: Prof. Banerjee cautions

Addressing a symposium in the Jaipur Literature Festival, Nobel Laureate Banerjee said that the recovery from the current economic slow-down is going to be painfully slow for the country. As resource mobilization goes down, the government’s ability to fund poverty alleviation programs will be undermined. This will exacerbate poverty and un-employment in the country.

Good words used .. Impede, Exacerbate, Alleviation

Manipur’s districts may be given names of local fruits

Fruits are a part and parcel of Manipuri food, culture, and life. It’s a part of the state’s heritage. So, the Chief Minister has hit upon a novel idea to name the districts after the State’s frits.


China faces uphill task in its efforts to rein in caronavirus

A new finding shows that symptoms of the viral infection become visible much after the person is infected. Such surreptitious nature of the virus makes it virtually impossible to spot and segregate a carrier of the infection from the symptoms. In other words persons already infected by the virus could easily escape conventional screening methods. Medical professionals around the world are perplexed by this finding.

China has pooled its enormous men and materials resources to build new dedicated hospitals, curb movement and assembly of people, and treat those who are diagnosed with the disease. However, the harder China tries to curb the infection, the more the virus eludes healthcare professionals.

The United States, and Japan are arranging emergency evacuation of their diplomatic staff from their consulates in Wuhan.

Good words used … Exacerbate, , Surreptitious, Elude, Uphill

Trump was wild at the American ambassador in Ukraine for standing on his way: Senate is told

As President Trunp’s impeachment proceedings continue, trouble seems to be mounting for him relating to the way he berated the U.S. ambassador in Ukraine. Marie Yovanovitch, the U.S envoy in Ukraine refused to comply with the President’s desire to browbeat the Ukrainian government in a manner so as to force its hands to order an investigation into Biden’s affairs. Biden is the son of Joe Biden, who could win the Democratic nomination for the race to White House. Quite sinisterly, Trump planned to use the investigation to sully the image of Joe Biden and discredit him. Ambassador Yovanovitch understood the illegality of her President’s plans, and dissociated herself from the wrong-doing. Her stance infuriated Trump.

If proved, this could prove to be clinching evidence that the Democrats could use to impeach Trump. No wonder, Trump’s legal team is on tenterhooks now.

Good words used .. Infuriate, Discredit, Sully, Tenterhook

U.N unhappy at rampant violation of arms embargo on Libya

The United Nations has expressed its frustration at the way some countries are continuing to supply arms and ammunition to warring parties in Libya in clear violation of the embargo in force now. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE are the culprits in this case.

Palestinians threaten to pull out of Oslo accord

President Trump’s West Asia plan that is heavily tilted in Israel’s favor has irked the Palestines so much that they have expressed their desire to walk away from it. This is the strongest reaction of the Palestines’ unfavorable view of Trump’s pro-Israeli policy.

U.S. says it would not lift sanctions on Iran before dialogue

Continuing its rigid stance towards Iran, the U.S. has stated that even for creating a conducive climate before a possible dialogue, it will not relax the sanctions it has imposed on it.


Government proposes to further ease FDI norms

In order to get out of the present phase of economic slow-down, India needs FDI more than ever. Plans are being made to ease the FDI norms for investors from Most Favored Nations. The government will classify countries into two categories – Most Favored and Not pro-India.


Word leaning exercises….

Choose the right word / phrase for use in the gap. The choices are given in bracket at the end of the sentence.

  1. It had been a long day for the candidates seeking jobs. They had gone through three rounds of interviews. The list of successful candidates was to be displayed in the notice board in five minutes time. Their faces showed that they were all [On tenterhooks, panicked, fearful]
  2. The farmer had lost everything in the floods, but after the flood waters receded, he had to sow his fields again. He had to raise another crop, so that he could survive in the coming year. Sadly for him, he had just Rs.500 in his bank account. Buying seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides for the next crop was a [Formidable, Resolute, Uphill]
  3. She had cold. She was resting on her bed when her friends came in and dragged her to an open-air party. She returned home at 1am. The exposure to cold outside ———— her sickness. [Mutilated, Intoxicated, Exacerbated]
  4. Virat Kohli scored the fastest century in test cricket history. By doing so, he ————– [added a new feather to his cap, wrote his name in golden letters, became very famous]
  5. The BJP leader passed some nasty comments against a woman of the opposition Congress party. After it started a social media storm, the BJP high command ———— him. [Berated, Censured, Implored]


Answers ..

  1. On tenterhooks
  2. Uphill,
  3. Exacerbate
  4. Added a new feather to his cap
  5. Censured









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