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December 27, 2019

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NPR procedure drawn up

The government enumerators will conduct the exercise going from house to house. The data base will be an upgrade over the data with regard to 119 crore citizens of the country.

The NPR has become hugely controversial with political parties, student groups, and activists alleging that it is a precursor of the highly contentious NRC that has triggered intense fear among the Muslim population.

The manual drawn up for use by the enumerators contains very intrusive questions which the respondents will need to answer.

Army Chief wades into controversy with political comments

General Bipin Rawat, the Chief of Army set to retire on December 30, has raked up a controversy by passing critical comments about the anti-CAA protests that are mainly being spearheaded by student groups.

Good words and phrases used .. Wade into, Rake up, Spearhead

Mamata Banerjee promises compensation to Mangaluru victims

After Karnataka Chief Minister, B. S. Yediurappa dithered over his offer to pay Rs.10 lakh compensation to the two victims killed in police firing, Mamata Banerjee has offered to pay similar compensation to their families. Though symbolic, this gesture shows the contrasting attitude of the two state governments to the anti-CAA agitation.


Scientists fly on plane to observe Solar eclipse better

A group of astrophysicists and science enthusiasts flew for an hour at an altitude of 21,000 feet aboard a C-90 Beechcraft air craft. They had pocket-sized telescopes to watch the celestial phenomenon. The devices were fitted with proper filters to safeguard against harmful radiation. The flight was dedicated to Narendra Dabholkar and Shriram Lagoo, both avowed rationalists who fought superstition all their lives.

Odisha government’s decision to shut Aahar Kendras during Solar eclipse draws ire

The subsidized canteens run by the Odisha government didn’t cook anything on the occasion of the Solar Eclipse leaving scores of poor people famished the whole day. Many rationalists derided the government for bowing to superstition according to which humans must abstain from food during this period.

Good words used … Ire, Famished, Deride

Karnataka village performs half-burial of physically handicapped to cure the curse

Despite, repeated persuasions, some villagers in Kalaburgi, Tumukr districts buried their disabled children up to neck with the hope of curing them. The bizarre ritual drew rationalists, and doctors to the spot. They spoke to the parents of the hapless children about the futility of and dangers associated with such practice. They said, the defects in the limbs are congenial, and needed surgery for rectification.

Good words used .. Bizarre, Hapless, Congenial

Two soldiers killed in Pune during rope exercise

In a tragic accident, two soldiers lost their lives and five others were injured when the rope that they were practicing with snapped after the tower at one end collapsed. The accident happened in the College of Military Engineering campus.

Delhi state elections : Election Commission begins preparations

The term of the present Delhi assembly ends on February 22. The Election Commission has started preparing for conducting the election in time, so that a new assembly is in place by then.

NIA raids Assam peasant leader’s house

NIA raided the house of Akhil Gogoi of the Krishi Mukti Sngram Samiti (KMSS), and arrested Mr. Gogoi. He was sent to 14-day judicial custody later.

Dissidence afflicts JJP unity

A prominent leader of the Jananayak Janta Party (JJP) Mr. Ram Kumar Gautam has resigned from his position in the party imperiling its unity and casting its shadow over the BJP-JJP coalition.

Good words and phrases used … Imperil, Dissidence, Cast a shadow

UP DGP orders SIT probe into riots

Hit by a barrage of complaints about police heavy-handedness, the Director General of Police (DGP) of UP has ordered an SIT probe into the riots that rocked the state in the last few days.

Breast-fed baby gets separated as parents head to jail

Activist couple Ekta Singh and Ravi Shekhar were arrested and taken to jail, but their toddler had to stay behind. The plight of the baby fully dependant on the mother for her nourishment has attracted public sympathy, and call for remedial action.

Amit Shah starts Delhi poll campaign

Amit Shah thundered against the many protesting groups whom he described as divisive and ill-informed. He directed his wrath against the Congress, which in his view was fomenting trouble for the authorities by inciting violence.

Good words used ..  Thunder as verb, Divisive, Wrath, Foment, Incite

Pro-CAA rally in Bhopal

BJP and the RSS took out rallies in Bhopal to apprise the people about the good side of CAA, and dispel all fears about it. In a show of strength, the participants chanted slogans expressing solidarity with the authorities.

Good words used … Apprise, Dispel, Solidarity


Iraq faces apocalyptic violence as protesters’ fury spirals out of control

Mr. Assad al-Aidani is presently the Governor of Basra Province. His name has been proposed by the pro-Iranian factions in Iraq’s parliament for the post of Prime Minister. These pro-Iranian factions constitute the largest bloc (not majority) in the Iraqi parliament. As per Iraq’s Constitution, the prime ministerial choice of this single largest bloc of MPs has to be accepted by the President, but the protesters detest him intensely. Earlier the Higher Education Minister, Qusay al-Surhail’s name was proposed by the pro-Iranian bloc for the post of the prime minister, but the President, Barham Saleh, had to reject it, because the protesters opposed him tooth and nail. Thus, the President of Iraq is caught between the devil and the deep sea. He can’t do anything against the Iraqi Constitution, so he has to accept the choice put before him by the largest bloc. However, the protesters have opposed both choices with such vehemence that the President can’t dare to appoint Mr. Aidani. The protesters loathe him for the way he crushed similar protests last year in Basra.

Thus, Iraq is plunged in constitutional turmoil that further unsettles the political structure of the country. The longer such impasse continues, the angrier the protesters become. As it appears, the elected MPs of the pro-Iranian factions in the parliament find themselves in the crosshairs of the young protesters who have swarmed onto the streets in large numbers in great rage. Iraq now stares at unprecedented violence and excruciating internal strife.

Good words and phrases used .. Apocalyptic, Tooth and nail, to find oneself between the devil and the deep sea, Impasse, In the cross hairs of, Swarm, Excruciating, Strife

China, Russia and Iran to hold joint naval exercise in Gulf of Oman

At a time when President Trump is tightening the noose around Iran’s neck to force it to agree to a revised nuclear deal, two other large military powers —China and Russia have come forward to take part in a tri-nation military drill. The exercise is sure to irritate the U.S., but would reassure Iran that it still has got powerful friends.

Russian police raid Alexei Navalny’s office

The Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny had his office raided by Russian agencies. He was physically dragged out of his office, and the assets were confiscated by the raiding party. The action was possibly taken to intimidate him, but Mr. Nvalny has refused to be cowed down by such coercive action.

Good words and phrases used .. Confiscate, Cow down, Intimidate, Coerce

Pakistani government wants Army Chief to stay longer

Pakistan government has filed a review petition to reverse the Supreme Court’s earlier order on the Army Chief’s service extension.

Netenyahu faces challenge from within his Likud Party

For the beleaguered Israeli politician Netenyahu, it is an existential crisis. He has to contend with several problems like fighting corruption charges, winning the next general election, and quelling rebellion inside his own party.

Good words used .. Beleaguered, Existential, Contend with, Quell


New type of high-volume freight wagons undergoing trial

The wagons designed by the Railway Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) will be used in the Dedicated Freight Corridor project. The carrying capacity of the wagons will go up four times.

IL&FS failure: SEBI takes Rating Agencies to ask

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has imposed a fine of Rs.25 lakh each on the rating agencies who colluded with IL&FS management to conceal weaknesses and acts of fraud by the client.

Good words used .. Colluded, Take to task

Essar Steel to benefit from rising steel prices

Essar Steel, now acquired by the Tatas, is set to gain as steel prices go up internationally. After the signing of the latest U.S-China trade deal, the impediments on global trade have eased, and commodity prices such as that of steel are rising. Obviously, it brings good tidings for Essar.

Good words used .. Impediments, Tidings






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