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December 24, 2019

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BJP loses Jharkhand to JMM -Congress

The JMM-Congress-RJD coalition has wrested Jharkhand from BJP. With 47 MLAs for the winning coalition, and 25 for the BJP, the chances for BJP to entice rival MLAs to its camp through immoral means are all but gone. As a further humiliation to its prestige, its chief minister Raghubir Das has been rejected by his electorate. The mood in the BJP camp is somber and subdued, where as the comatose Congress party, lying in its death bed, seems to have got an oxygen line.

BJP top leaders are pondering why the voters in the states develop such lukewarm attitude to it so soon after giving it a huge thumbs-up in the national elections.

Good words used .. Wrest, Comatose, Entice, Somber, Subdued

Anti-CAA campaign sweep the country

There have been large meetings and processions across the country by groups of people who are at odds with the CAA. On the other hand, cities like Kolkata and Bengaluru have seen quite enthusiastic display of pro-CAA sentiments by sizeable crowds who have marshaled arguments to show the benign nature of the legislation. The peaceful show of contrasting viewpoints bolsters the vibrant nature of Indian democracy.

Good words and phrases used .. At odds with, marshal as verb, Benign, Vibrant


Mental disorder blights people in the south more than other parts

Studies have revealed that mental illness is more endemic in southern states than in other parts of the country. Tamil Nadu is the worst hit by this crippling ailment that takes months and even years to heal. It stigmatizes the victim and their family. India doesn’t have enough doctors to treat the vast number of students.

Army officer develops bullet-proof suit and wins accolades

The suit offers protection from neck to ankle and to the upper arms. It is aptly named ‘Sarvatra Kawach’. Major Anup Mishra, while on duty in Kashmir, was hit by a bullet, but was lucky to survive. The incident triggered his desire to develop a protection gear that could cover more parts of the body. The product drew effusive praise from the Army Chief General Rawat and his deputy, General Navarane.

Good words used .. Accolade, Effusive

Harsh Vardhan Shingla takes over charge as Foreign Secretary

As the present Foreign Secretary, Vijay Gokhale retires, his place will be taken by Mr. Shingla who is presently India’s ambassador to the United States.

Inmates of Assam’s detention camps mock P.M’s Ramlila Maidan speech

Recounting the subhuman treatment of inmates in Assam’s detention centers, Mohammed Sanaulah, a retired army officer narrated how the PM’s assurances to Muslims of fair treatment ring hollow in his mind. Like him, there are many others, some in their seventies and eighties, who have to live in the harrowing conditions of the detention camps, unsure of their final destination.

Good words used .. Harrowing, Subhuman, Ring hollow

Vishakhapatnam slowly emerging out of the shadow of Maoists

The Andhra-Odisha border has long been the hot-bed of Maoist activity, posing grave challenge to government servants, common people, and the police. However, in recent months, the Maoists seem to have lost their sway over the population. Due to a combination of many factors that include relentless police pressure, the energy of these disrupting groups seems to be waning.

Good words and phrases used .. Emerge out of the shadow, Sway, Hot-bed


Khassogi’s murders get severe sentences, but some bigwigs get away

The dissident Saudi journalist was murdered by hit men inside the Saudi embassy in Turkey. The incident had caused an international furore and severe excoriation by American politicians and media community. The Saudi Crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman was widely believed to have ordered the fatal assault on Khassogi. In the trial that followed, five have been sent to the gallows, three handed jail sentences, but some top members of the royal family have been let off. No action was taken against the Crown Prince due to obvious reasons.

Good words and phrases used .. Bigwig, Hit men, Excoriate, Furore, Send to the gallows

Questions galore about the Afghan poll: a run-off voting in the cards

As complaints of irregularities and malpractices came in in thousands, the Election Commission began to worry about the veracity of the results of the election. To put at rest the misgivings about the election outcome, the Afghan Election Commission is contemplating to hold a second round of voting, that will be of the nature of a run-off.

Good words used .. Galore, In the cards, Veracity, Misgivings, Contemplate

Boeing Chief Muilenbeg shown the door, after multiple technical failures

After two back-to-back Boeing 737 Max crashes, Boeing’s reputation as a reliable passenger aircraft manufacturer took a severe beating. Cancelled orders, unsold planes, and cascading legal suits caused intensive soul-searching among Boeing’s top honchos. In the latest incident, a faulty timing device crippled the Boeing’s rocket that was to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). Like a straw that broke the camel’s back, the glitch cast a dark shadow over Boeing’s reputation as a tech giant. Reacting to such negative consequences, the Board of Boeing has asked its Chief, Mr. Muilenberg to quit.

Good words and idioms used … Straw that broke a camel’s back, Cascade, Honcho

China rails against U.S. for creating a Space Force

China has expressed its strong disapproval of the American President’s decision to create the U.S. Space Force. China is of the opinion that the outer space must never be a theater for warfare. Such ‘weaponisation’ bodes ill for mankind, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Good words and phrases used .. Bode ill, Rail against

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not ready with her impeachment team

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has said that she needs more time to finalize her team who will lead the charge against Trump in the Senate trial. This delay is bound to annoy the President who wants a speedy trial from which he hopes to emerge un-scathed.

Torrential rains bring havoc to Sri Lanka

Heavy rains lashed the country causing the death of two persons, and affecting another 65,000. Although Gotabaya has asked the government to intensify relief measures, the prospect of returning to normalcy looks bleak as the weatherman predicts more showers.

Indian aviation faces turbulence ahead as airlines stare at 600m los in 2019

With Air India at the lead, other Indian carriers are likely to incur heavy losses in 2019. The consultancy, Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) has forecast a gloomy outlook for Indian carriers as they brace for staggering losses this year.

Good words used .. Brace for, Staggering, Turbulence

RIL and the Government lock horns

The government has demanded payment of 3.5 billion U.S. dollars from Reliance Industries (Mukesh Ambani) before clearance for the Aramco share purchase is given. This has resulted in a dip in the share market as Reliance shares plunged after the news broke.  

Aadhar Card will be mandatory for GST

Shusil Modi, the Chairman of the GST council, has signaled that Aadhar card will  be linked to GST. This step will preempt frauds and manipulation.

Mumbai becomes the stickiest place for bankers as chronic NPAs touch the sky    

With bad loans reaching a staggering 8.7 billion USD, Bombay has become the home of stalled construction projects, unpaid bank loans, and sick real estate companies. Escaping from this quagmire appears to be a near-impossible task before the bankers.



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