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December 12, 2019

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Intense polemic marks passage of CAB in Rajya Sabha

Government and opposition members went hammer and tongs at each other before the Chairman called for vote, and as predicted, the Bill got passed. opposition leaders tried hard to stall the Bill citing how it infringes upon the secular character of our Constitution, but the government side remained unmoved. Now, the Bill will go the President for his signature soon after which it will become the law of the land.

Civil Rights lawyers prepare to challenge the Law in the Supreme Court

Eminent lawyers, seething with resentment at the government bulldozing such a controversial bill using its majority are bracing themselves to challenge it before the Supreme Court. So, we can look forward to some intense courtroom battle in the coming days.

Assam aflame and Tripura teeters towards unprecedented civic protest

Despite the assurances from the top political leadership, the People in the North East, particularly in Assam and Tripura are burning with rage against the CAB. The situation hs become so volatile that troops had to  be flown in from J&K to beef up security and enforce peace.

ISRO adds another feather to its cap and puts its Radar imaging satellite(RISAT-2BRI) in space

ISRO’s 50th PSLV zoomed into the sky marking its GOLDEN Jubilee launch. It carried the RISAT -2BRI satellite, and a few other smaller payloads from Japan, the U.S., Italy, and Israel.

The RISAT-2BRI will be used by the security establishment of India. The PSLV rocket that lofted the satellites to orbit has been a success story of ISRO. Its lifting capacity has gone steadily up from 850 kg to 1900 kg over the years. A beaming Mr. Sivam told the media that ISRO will reach dizzier heights in the coming years. He released a book detailing the 50 PSLV launches so far and the people who made it possible.

Nanavati-Mhta Commission absolves Modi of any wrong-doing

Prime minister has been given a clean chit by the Nanavati Commission with regard to the Gujurat pogrom that shook the conscience of the entire country.

Good words used ..Absolve, Pogrom


Telengana encounter to be probed by a retired SC judge

The Supreme Court has ordered a judicial inquiry into the encounter’ killing of fur accused. A retired Justice will head the probe.

Andhra to fast-track rape case trials

Andhra cabinet has made ready the Andhra Disha Bill, 2019 (Andhra Criminal Amendment Bill) that could start and finish a trial  in a rape or gang rape case in just 21 days. The accused, if proven guilty, will be awarded the punishment as per law. The Andhra cabinet also proposes a bill named A.P Special Courts for Special Offences against Women and Children Bill, 2019 for offences against women and children.

The government wants convey the message that it will put its full weight behind efforts to bring the culprits to justice and not the accused drag the case for years.

Visva-Bharati University to change its weekly holidays

The university, started by Rabindranath Tagore in 1921, observes Wednesday-Thursday as the weekly off days. This tradition, adopted from the inception of the university, is in accordance with Brahmo Samaj practices. From the beginning og 2020, the weekly holidays will be Saturday-Sunday which is the general practice elsewhere.

Indian Rivers face increasing contamination of heavy metals

The Central Water Commission conducted a survey of the water quality of two thirds of India’s major rivers. The survey started in May 2014 and continued till April 2018. It shows the waters of the rivers have at least one heavy metal at concentrations above the permissible limits. Iron is the most common contaminant.

Center delays releasing GST dues to States sparks anger

MPs from Bengal, Punjab, Telengana, Maharashtra raised their voice at the way the Center is delaying release of GST dues. The chorus of protest will grow louder in the coming days as the Center’s GST collection falls dangerously below the target.

LS passes bill for Unified Authority for Financial Services

Finance Minister Sitaraman introduced the International Financial Service Centers Authority (IFSC) bill, 2019 to regulate financial services through a single window.

New Social Security Bill in LS

A bill that permits the beneficiaries to ask for a reduction in their PF contributions has been tabled in the Lok Sabha by the Labour Minister, Santosh Gangwar.


Britons head to polling booths

Voters in the United Kingdom have queued up in polling stations to choose a new government, and decide which way the country will go on the Brexit issue.  Boris Johnson from the Conservative Party and Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party are the two main rivals.

Aung San Su Kyi denies Rohingya atrocities in ICJ

In a show of brazen defiance, Su Kyi denied her government’s hand in the Rohingya crisis before the judges of ICJ. She attributed the exodus of hundred and thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees to Bangladesh to an armed conflict with the country’s army. She maintained that the army had to quell the insurgency led by a small group of Rohingya outlaws. These miscreants had provoked the army by launching attacks. Other civilians were unfortunately caught in the crossfire, and suffered.  

Good words used .. Brazen, Attribute, Quell, Miscreant, Provoke

The newest country Bougainville will be born soon

The tiny region wants to secede from Papua New Guinea. Voters are heading for the poll to decide if they can separate from the mother country and chart their own course as an independent state.

A tri-nation naval exercise in the Indian ocean in the offing

China, Russia and Iran might hold a joint exercise in the Indian Ocean. China has, however, remained tight-lipped about the proposed exercise.

Pakistan indicts terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed

An anti-terror court in Lahore has brought charges against the perpetrator of many terror attacks on India. Given the clout he has and the patronage of the ISI, Whether Saeed will indeed be brought to justice is a moot question.

Good words used .. Mastermind. Perpetrator, Clout, Patronage, Moot


Bill to protect new acquirers of sick companies against criminal offences of old owners

A bill is being brought to insulate the entities who come forward to buy sick undertakings under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code(IBC). This will protect the new owners against criminal proceedings against the earlier owners arising out of any wrong-doings committed by them.

Yes Bank may be merged with a nationalized bank

The beleaguered Yes Bank trying to survive amid turbulence of huge NPAs could be merged with a nationalized bank, if it fails to infuse fresh funds from outside sources.

Good words used .. Beleaguered, Turbulence, Infuse

RBI governor wants Banks to work in tandem for settling NPAs

Shaktikanta Dash, Governor of Reserve Bank of India has called upon the top managers of nationalized banks to work in cohesion so that stressed assets where their money is locked, can be smoothly resolved and the maximum amounts is salvaged.

Good words used .. In tandem, Cohesion, Salvage

Bronson bullish on India

Richard Bronson, the founder of the Virgin Atlantic group, has expressed confidence that India will be the third biggest market for his group next to the U.S and U.K.

Nestle on the dock for profiteering

Nestle India has been fined Rs.90 crores by the National Anti-profiteering Authority (NAA) for violating provisions of the GST regime and making undeserved profit.





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