The Frog and the Nightangale — Moral of the poem

The moral of the poem The Frog and the Nightingale

Lesson 1…Naivety is a negative trait. It tempts the crooks to manipulate and exploit a naive individual, often leading to very fraught consequences for the latter. In this poem, the gifted nightingale needlessly genuflected before the devious frog. The bird with a golden voice fell prey to the frog’s wicked praises and admonishments. The nightingale should have discerned this earlier and just flown away. The nightingale could not see through the machinations of the greedy and hideous frog and continued to be prodded by its mentor to improve her singing. The foolishness brought fatal consequences for the naïve and unassuming nightingale.

Lesson 2 .. It flows from the earlier lesson. One must be quite careful in choosing a mentor, guru, or a coach. The mentor could be a renowned expert in the field, but there could always be a devil inside him. The disciple has to be vigilant to discover this early and move away. In this case, the Frog was not even a singer. He excelled in deceit and trickery. The nightingale had obviously, run into possibly the most hideous mentor. The servile bird paid the price with its life.

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