Precis (Summary) Writing – 10

Precis (Summary) Writing – 10

Creative Writing – 45

The following write-up has 202 words. Summarize it in a manner, so that the word count is between 70 to 75 words, and all the important facts are included.


First established as a state capital in 229 CE, Nanjing, China, has long been one of the country’s most important (and largest) inland river ports and is recognised as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Homo erectus fossils dating around 600,000 years have been found here; and the six centuries old stone walls that surrounded the city during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) still stand alongside monuments to the early Republic of China and modern skyscrapers, giving the city constant visual links to its complex and changing past.

“From low-rise Nationalist period buildings around Beijing Xi Lu, towering skyscrapers around Xinjiekou and winding alleys of shacks around old Pukou, Nanjing has a great deal of architectural variation,” said current resident and middle-school teacher Freya Drew, originally from Sheffield, England.


Established in 229 CE and surrounded by Myng era stone walls, Nanjing, the giant river port city,  stands contrastingly with its modern skyscrapers. Ancient architectural ruins, 600,000-year-old fossils, and history’s many footprints dot Nanjing. According to Freya Drew, Nanjing has footprints of history of all ages. [46 words]

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