Kapil Dev – BSE Class 10 – Explanation and Answers

Kapil Dev

by Sunil Gavasker

In this short biographical account, Sunil Gavaskar, a cricket legend himself, chronicles the rise and rise of Kapil Dev from a budding player to a cricket icon, admired and adored by millions of Indians.
The path of Kapil Dev from obscurity to glittering limelight was never an easy one. In the initial days, this inexperienced, immature player made many mistakes, but he capitalized on his failures to build the future. His extraordinary talent brought him glory both inside India and abroad, but Kapil always assumed that he had a lot more to learn. He neither rested on his laurels, nor did he curse his fate for his many failures.
He brought the World Cup to India for the first time, but more than this, his audacious style, his aggression, and his striving for perfection marked him as a player to be emulated by youngsters. Outside the field, he was never arrogant, nor boastful. Humility and courtesy seldom deserted him, even after he reached the pinnacle of success. As an all rounder, he was as aggressive with the ball as he was with his willow. No wonder, young players look upon him as their role model.
Kapil played during the era when India was a lowly-ranked team in the international field. Through his stellar performance culminating in the Prudential Cup victory, he ensured India’s place in the table of the big guns, like Australia, England and West Indies. India’s ascendancy in the game that we see today can be ascribed to the sweat and sacrifice of this great player.


Questions and answers …

  1. Who were the youngsters selected for the Est Africa tour?  Suru Nayak and Kapil Dev were the youngsters to be included in the side visiting East Africa.
  2. What was Gavaskar’s opinion about playing a match abroad ?  .. Gavaskar felt a stint in a foreign country where field conditions, weather, pitch and crowd were very different from that at home would acclimatize the players to adverse conditions. Playing against bowlers and batsmen with very different skills and styles would also augment the skills of our players. On the whole, the tour abroad would be a invaluable learning experience for the young payers particularly.3. Why did Kapil Dev win the hearts of East African cricket lovers?  ….Kapil went from strength to strength with each match he played in East Africa. Apart from his bowling prowess, he showed his aggression hitting the rival bowlers for six after six. Through such all-round skill, he endured himself to the East Africans. Towards the end, he had proved himself to be a very formidable bowler, with sting and speed.4. What was the trial game played before the Indian team went to Pakistan ? … It was the Irani Trophy match in Bangalore where Kapil played for the Rest of India.

    5. What was the intention of the selectors to pick Kapil for the Pakistan tour ? …..Kapil had scored a hurricane 61 and bowled aggressively. This twin success with the ball and the bat made the selectors include him in the side due to visit Pakistan.

    6. In which tour did Kapil score 300 runs in 3 test matches ?  .. Kapil accomplished this incredible feat in the 1982 tour to England.

    7. Who were the leading all-rounders then?  Apart from Kapil, there wre Botham, Hadlee, and Imran Khan who made their name as all-rounders.

    8.Why does any Captain love to have all the four leading all-rounders in his team? .. All-rounders come handy for Captains in times of crisis. Having players like Hadlee, Botham, Imran and Kapil would arm the Captain with formidable fire power and choice of options. So, it is a dream to have them in the side.

    9. Kapil does not always capture wickets that is expected of him. Why? Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. For an opening bowler to take wickets, another fast bowler is needed at the other end to sustain the pressure. Unfortunately, India had no second fast bowler to supplement his attack. This left Kapil wicketless.

    10. What was Kapil’s greatest triumph as Captain? … The honour of bringing the World Cup home for the first time goes to Kapil Dev. In 1983, he captained the side that won the final match of the Prudential Cup at Lords, and created history.

    11. Kapil is a household name where cricket is played. Why?   … Kapil has endeared himself to millions of Indians through his fighting spirit, never-say-die attitude, eagerness to learn from mistakes, and the many milestones he created in all departments of the game. Off the field, he was modest, respectful to seniors, and  a true gentleman. Cricket lovers adore him for these qualities.

    12. What did his brothers do for the glory he brought to India and their family as well?   . They started a hotel and named it Hotel Kapil.


  3. Choose the correct statement in relation to the text:(i) I remembered an over bowled to me earlier in the season in the Wills Trophy. Here the word ‘I’ stands for Sunil M. Gavaskar .(ii) The author opines that it is always good fun to play against good bowlers.(iii) Gavaskar and Kapil Dev were two great players of India. Before the Indian Team went to play in East Africa, Gavaskar and Kapil Dev were playing the Wills Trophy match against each other. 

    (iv) Kapil Dev proved himself as all-rounder.


    (v) In the 1979 tour of Pakistan Kapil failed with bat.


    (C) Here is a list of events described in paragraphs 11 and 12. However, the events are not in order in which they actually happened. Rearrange the list correctly / sequentially by writing the serial number (1, 2,3) in the brackets. The first event has been indicated for you.



    ————–To be continued with model answers to lesson’s questions—————-

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