Proper notice writing format and specimen

Notice Writing – 1

Creative Writing – 15

Writing a notice for the school notice board

Dos and Don’ts


1. Be formal and brief.
2. Give the date of the notice.
3. Mention the date, time, and venue (if any) prominently
4. If any last date and time is there, mention it clearly, preferably with an underline.
5. Mention the designation of the person signing the notice. His signature must appear above his designation.
6. Use passive voice as much as possible.
7. Most importantly .. Give a catchy heading to attract attention of the readers.


1. There is no need to write the word ‘Notice’ at the top.
2. Never leave any ambiguity, especially with regard to time, date and venue.
3. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t use the words like You, I, They etc. Writing in the passive voice automatically eliminates these words.
4. Don’t use rude and impolite words. Be firm, but gentle.

Specimen of Notice

Date :
A rabbit out of a hat: Magic show on the School Foundation Day 

As part of the celebrations of our school’s 20th Foundation Day on March 15, an alumni of our school, Sri Arjit Pandya, who is an acclaimed magician, will show his tricks before the students and staff.

The show will be staged in the school auditorium at 4.30pm on March 15, soon after the official ceremony is over. All students, staff, and teachers are requested to attend. Attendance is free.

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