Writing letter to the principal to relax rules

Letter Writing – 2

Creative Writing – 31

Model letter writing for CBSE, BSE, ICSE students upto class X

The Principal
St. Mary’s College                                                                                                                  


Sub: Relaxation of the strict punctuality rule for the last period

Respected Sir,

We, the students of Class 10 (Sections A, B, C, D, &E) owe you a deep sense of gratitude for the way you have assigned the best teachers of our school to teach us the subjects including Games. Apart from many values, they have imbibed a keen awareness of punctuality from them.

The last class of everyday is History which, thanks to our knowledgeable teacher, keeps us deeply engrossed in his lectures. However, he is a strict disciplinarian who brooks no late entry to his class. This, normally, shouldn’t be a problem, but for the preceding Games class, when we play Football with passion. The inertia keeps us in the field till the last minute, and by the time we clean our soiled boots to enter the History Class, we are late by one or two minutes. Quite justifiably, our teacher frowns on such late-coming, and sternly keeps the late comers out of the class. We lose his beautiful lectures.

Undoubtedly, we are at fault, but the heat and fury of football makes us incur the wrath of our beloved History teacher. It would do no great harm if a relaxation to the punctuality rule is granted by him with your permission. A delay of up to two minutes in entering the class should be condoned.

We remain, anticipating a nod from you and our History teacher.

Thanking you,
Yours obediently,
[Students of Class X]

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