Writing letter to the Collector for road connection

Letter Writing – 4

Creative Writing – 35

Letter to Collector for road connection

The villagers,
Munibag village
Taluk –Shahabad

The Collector
Jhansi District

April 15. 2018

Sub: Request for a tar road connection to Muninag


We, the villagers of Munibag, have no road connectivity to our village. We have to walk at least two kilometers through mud tracks to reach the road that leads to Jhansi. This causes great inconvenience to the students, to our elderly and sick, and to our womenfolk. It takes a one-hour bullock cart ride to reach the nearest Primary Health Centre. For pregnant women and terminally ill patients, this often results in death en route to the PHC. Our farmers find it hard to carry their fresh fruits and vegetables to the local Mandi situated four kilometers away. In short, the absence of a motorable road has stifled our welfare and economic progress.

We see a lot of rural development work presently going on in our Taluk under the MNREGA scheme. It would be a great boon for us if construction of an all-weather road to Munibag is included in this programme.

We give below the mobile number, name and address of our Sarpanch Sri Radheshyam Pandey. He will be most eager to discuss this proposal with you in your office at your convenience if you desire so.

Thanking you with expectation,

Yours faithfully,
[Names and signatures of villagers]
Name, address and cell no of Sarpanch
CC: 1. The MLA Sri 
2. The Chairman Panchayat Samiti Sri

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