ICSE Class 10- Literature — The Heart of the Tree – explanation

The Heart of the Tree
By Henry Cuyler Bunner

Explanation … Written in very simple style, this poem celebrates the value of trees for the mankind. Tree-planting is a simple and noble practice which does a lot towards collective good.
It is written in ABABBCCAA rhyme scheme.

Stanza 1 …
The poet brings out the myriad benefits that accrues to the person who plants a tree. A tree, in its lifetime, points to the Sun and the sky. It draws its sustenance from sunlight and the air. So, the bond of friendship between a tree and the Sun and the sky endures for the whole life of the tree. The tree aids the flow of wind to. So, a tree can be liked to tall shaft holding a flag at its top. Just as the flag flutters with wind, the tree also sways with the wind. Standing tall and erect, it offers a treat to the eyes.
The tree, wants to make a place for itself in the Heaven. The sound of the mother bird lovingly crooning to the young one in the twilight hours appears similar to the treble of music played in the Heaven.
These are the benefits that accrue to the person who plants a tree.

Second stanza ..
This stanza has the same question at the beginning – “What does he plant who plants a tree?” The speaker wants to highlight some more of the gains of planting a tree. Trees give us shade, so essential during hot summer. It brings rainfall to earth. As a result, seeds can be planted and their germination facilitated. This process is the root of agriculture. As the weather cycle is repeated, old plants die and fresh seeds sown. Forests, such an invaluable gift to mankind are made up of trees. For successive generations, trees ensure food security and recreation.

Third and last stanza ….
Planting a tree is, by far, the noblest deed a person can do towards his neighbourhood, society and the environment. Trees spur growth, prosperity and security for the entire mankind. In great many ways, trees foster our healthy living, our economy, and our well-being. Tree planting is, therefore, a noble trait that continues to be relevant in all ages.
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    I have posted the answer for Q3. Since Q2 and Q3 are similar, you may modify the Q3 answer for Q2. Hope it helps you.


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