Comprehension Exercise – 31 (Reading Skills for CBSE Class 11)

Comprehension Exercise – 31

Creative Writing – 89

Comprehension Exercises for school students (CBSE, ICSE, BSE)

Article – 1 : sourced from BBC

Chinese authorities have declared a red alert as a powerful typhoon heads towards the eastern coast. Typhoon Lekima is currently battering Taiwan with winds of more than 190km/h (120mph) and is due to make landfall in China’s Zhejiang province on Saturday. Emergency teams have been deployed to the region to guide relief work, China’s emergency ministry said. Thousands of people further up the coast in Shanghai have been warned to prepare to evacuate.

Flood warnings have been issued for eastern sections of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River until Wednesday. The provinces of Jiangsu and Shandong are also on alert. Cruise liners have been told to delay their arrival in Shanghai and some train services have been suspended over the weekend. Beijing has also cancelled some trains heading to and from the Yangtze delta region. Lekima is one of two typhoons in the western Pacific at the moment. Further east, Typhoon Krosa is spreading heavy rain across the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. It is moving north-west and could strike Japan some time next week, forecasters said.

Lekima, which is the ninth typhoon so far this year, strengthened into a super typhoon late on Wednesday. It was passing the north of Taiwan on Friday, causing flight cancellations and the closures of schools and offices. Power was cut to more than 40,000 homes and the island’s high speed rail service was suspended north of the city of Taichung, local media reported. The huge storm came a day after eastern Taiwan was rattled by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. Experts said the risks of landslides triggered by the tremor were made more likely by the typhoon dumping up to 900mm (35 inches) of rain on Taiwan’s northern mountains.

Lekima also brought heavy rain and high winds to south-west Japan on Friday, cutting power to about 14,000 homes, broadcaster NHK reported. China’s weather bureau said Lekima was expected to have weakened by the time it made landfall. The country has a four-stage colour-coded warning system, with red representing the most severe weather. [339 words]


1. Where is Typhoon Lekima now? Where is it heading?
2. What is happening in Shanghai?
3. Train services around which area have been cancelled?
4. What is Typhoon Krosa doing now?
5. How did Typhoon Lekina affect Taiwan?
6. How is the city of Taichug affected?
7. How did Typhoon Lekina affect Japan?

Article – 2: Sourced from Washington Post

A death in Iraq belies Trump’s religious freedom agenda. Iraq was a land so foreign to him that he even said its name with the typical American mispronunciation — “Eye-rak.” He had never visited since his birth to Iraqi Christian parents in a Greek refugee camp. He knew no one there and spoke no Arabic. Yet it was on the streets of Baghdad where Jimmy Aldaoud died.

The Detroit man had been deported from the United States some months prior; confused, diabetic and allegedly mentally unstable, he lived homeless and desperate until his family received word of his death this week. They believe he died because of his inability to obtain insulin. An undated video circulated on social media by his lawyers on Wednesday showed Aldaoud, 41, gaunt and terrified in the aftermath of his deportation. “I don’t understand the language,” Aldaoud said. “I’m sleeping in the street. I’m diabetic. I take insulin shots. I’ve been throwing up, throwing up, sleeping in the street, trying to find something to eat. I’ve got nothing over here.”

According to his advocates, Aldaoud was a victim of a heartless Trump administration and its emboldened Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Though he was not a U.S. citizen, he had spent almost all his life in the United States. As Politico first reported, his deportation came on the back of a series of criminal convictions, which render noncitizens susceptible to removal from the country. His family attributed his criminal record in part to his mental health. Rights groups argued that he should have never been sent to a country where he would be unsafe.

“Jimmy’s death has devastated his family and us,” Miriam Aukerman, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, said in a statement. “We knew he would not survive if deported. What we don’t know is how many more people ICE will send to their deaths.” “This is a total failure of the whole immigration system,” Edward Bajoka, a Detroit immigration attorney and friend of Aldaoud’s family, told The Washington Post. “This guy should have been protected somewhere along the way.”


1. Where was Jimmy Aldaoud born?
2. Where and how did he die?
3. What has been the stand of Jimmy’s advocate and activist groups towards Aldoud’d deportation?

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