NCERT History — The Rowlatt Act

NCERT History lesson – Chapter ‘The Making of the National Movement’ — Rowlatt Act ..   Rowlatt Act – During the First World War, the colonial government passed certain legislations under the name of Defence of India Regulation Act. Later, its tenure was indefinitely extended by … Read more

NCERT -Class 9 – Clothing: A social history

NCERT  – Class 9 – Clothing: A social history ———————————–.———————.—————- Human race has evolved gradually — From the stone age to the space age. From housing to farming to healthcare to travel to clothing; everything that the present human society uses with such ease and … Read more

Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

NCERT English Class 10 –  Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger – Para by Para Explanation Para 1 .. Mrs. Packletide’s nature was far from being self-effacing. She wanted to shoot a tiger, not so much for the thrill or a desire to rid India of a menace, … Read more