Essay (250 words) for Bank P.O & junior college -Is Generation gap a myth?

Is the generation gap a myth?

It would be naïve to assume that ‘generation gap’ is a myth. How can it be a myth when the technology is making inroads into our lives in such breakneck speed?

Let’s consider the following basic aspects of our living.

Let’s consider food, the most important aspect. Today’s youngsters prefer noodles, pizzas, burgers, Chinese fried rice, chocolates etc. Gone are the days when people ate chapatti and vegetable curries, or ragi balls, or soaked beaten rice mixed with jaggery and curd for breakfast. Now, it’s sandwiches, or pasta to start your first meal of the day.

Let’s consider dress. Who wears a dhoti to the office? It’s considered so old-fashioned. Going to a job interview with dhoti and kurta will certainly disqualify you. Jean pants, T-shirts are the new normal. Even housewives wear jeans and tops both inside and outside office. Only on ceremonial occasions, their sarees come out of their wardrobes.

Then, let’s go to communication.  The son sitting next to his father uses WhatsApp to say that he is going to school. Youngsters don’t write with the old-fashioned pen and paper. They send a mail, instead. The telegraph department has gone from us forever.

In matters of outlook, value system, career ambitions, attitude towards religion, marriage etc., the gap between generations is widening fast. In the same family, old parents find their children so much different from them in all manners. So, ‘generation gap’ is a reality, not a myth.




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