Words & Phrases 7

Grandstand, To play second fiddle, Evangelical,  Oft-repeated, Refrain as noun, Wind back the clock

Grandstand as noun … The grandstand from which Modi was to speak in the election meeting was checked for security multiple agencies like the state police, the IB, and the SPG.

Grandstand as verb .. When Pakistan returned the Indian captured pilot Wg. Commander Avinandan promptly, and didn’t escalate the conflict, many accused Imran Khan of political grandstanding to boost his standing as a peace-loving leader. But, such accusation is largely not correct.

To play second fiddle … Yogendra Yadav left the Aam Admi Party, because he was not willing to play second fiddle to Arvind Kejriwal, and wanted to replace the latter as the Convener.

Evangelical … Many preachers of Christianity came to India along with the British colonialists. These people with evangelical missions adopted some dubious means to entice lower caste Indians to convert to Christianity.

Oft-repeated .. India dismisses Pakistani oft-repeated claim that the unrest in Kashmir is due to Indian oppression there, and Pakistan does not engineer the insurgency in the valley.

Refrain as noun.. Of the constant refrains of the CISF personnel is that they are not given adequate winter clothing, modern weapons, and such other amenities that are given to the army, although both do the same task.

Wind back the clock .. Old people in both Pakistan and India think nostalgically about their childhood days in the undivided India, and peace between the Hindus and Muslims that prevailed then. But, the clock of History can’t be wound back, and those days will never return.


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