Words & Phrases 22

Words and phrases ..

Abyss .. Meaning 1 ..There is no denying the fact that long spells under kleptocratic self-seeking rulers has pushed Pakistan to the economic abyss.

Meaning 2 ..It means a profound difference. The abyss between the United States and Europe has widened alarmingly after President Trump came to power.

Missive ..A long official letter.. The special envoy of Aung San Su Kyi who came to attend Prime minister Modi’s inaugural ceremony carried a missive from her.

Mayhem .. It means violent disorder and chaos. Many elderly people in India still mournfully remember the murder and mayhem that happened in both Pakistan and India in the aftermath of Partition.

Precocious .. It means something that happened very early in life. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s musical talent unraveled when he was a young child. His precocious talent brought him fame and adulation from far and wide.

Gloat .. It means to be needlessly sad or happy over something bad or good.

India’s finances are sliding. So, the new finance minister under Modi will have no time to gloat over BJP’s electoral success.

Ukranians still gloat over the loss of Crimea to Russia.


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