Words & Phrases 2

White supremacist .. The dictionary meaning is, ‘An advocate or supporter of the doctrine that white people are superior to other peoples, and should therefore have greater power, authority, or status.’

Africa has suffered immensely for centuries at the hands of White supremacists. The South African Apartheid system was a manifestation of such a mindset.

Resolve as noun… Israel’s resolve to ensure the security of its citizens at all costs holds a lesson for countries like India often subject to terror attacks.

Don as verb… India’s army veterans have strongly criticized the way a few BJP politicians donned army uniforms to score political points.

Decry…. President Trump’s unhelpful attitude towards NATO has been decried by European political leaders.

Perpetrator  …..The perpetrator of the New Zealand gun attack on people gathered in a mosque was, no doubt, a White supremacist, whose mind was filled with venom against Muslims.

Wistfully….. The old man smiled wistfully when he spoke about his wife who died after a long battle with cancer.

 Thwart   … Prime minister Theresa May’s plan for an orderly Brexit have been repeatedly thwarted by MPs of both Conservative and Labour parties.


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