Words & Phrases 18

Rife, Idyllic, Expanse, Egregious, Plague as verb, Bustling

Rife .. After the recent stand-off between India and Pakistan, rumors were rife on both sides about the way the two adversaries had kept their nukes ready for a possible attack from the other side.

When the press is muzzled and free flow of information is curbed, the streets become rife with bizarre rumors of a coup or any such upheaval.

Expanse .. In the vast expanse of the sea, the debris from the wrecked ship were visible as small white dots from the plane flying overhead.

Idyllic .. Goa attracts tourists from all over the world for its idyllic beaches and cheap seaside restaurants.

Egregious .. For years, the United States has been protesting against the egregious violation of copyrights by China.

Filing a false affidavit is considered an egregious offence by courts.

Plague as verb .. Indian elections have been plagued by accusations of use of money power, and vulgar exchanges between rivals.

Bustling .. Remains of a city on the Mediterranean coast have been found by archeologists. They think it was a bustling trade center earlier.


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