Words & Phrases 15

Grouse as noun and verb, Immutable, Fecklessness, Incendiary, Gambit, Melee,

Grouse as noun .. The politician found to his dismay that the audience gathered for his meeting appeared listless and un-attentive. On inquiry, he found that they were thirsty due to summer heat. Since there was no way to address this grouse, he cut short his speech and left.

Grouse as verb .. Men in the armed forces seldom grouse about their living conditions, because they are trained to stay in tents with virtually no comforts.

Immutable .. It means something that doesn’t change with time. The rural Jath farmers’ penchant for liquor is an immutable habit.

Fecklessness ..The wealthy man had built his business from the scratches with a capital of just Rs.500. When he grew old, he wanted to pass on the baton to his only son. But, the later, spoiled by years of luxury, was not interested. His fecklessness greatly disappointed his old father.

Incendiary .. Meaning 1 .. In a train compartment, passengers are not allowed to carry incendiary items like kerosene, fire crackers etc.

Meaning 2 … Some firebrand BJP leaders routinely make incendiary speeches against the Muslims. Most Indians disapprove of such practice.

Gambit .. It means an opening remark or action. Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan offered to release the Indian pilot Wg. Commander Abhinandan without delay. This gambit of Imran won him praise in the international stage.

Melee .. It is a raucous or a confused fight.  After the Akali leader passed some comment against the head of the Akal Takht, a melee started in the audience leaving some with light injuries.



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