Words & Phrases 13

Animus, Betray, Lurid, Willy-nilly, Rapprochement, Nuance

Animus …  After long parleys between the upper and lower caste communities in the presence of the social activist, the animus between the two communities has reduced dramatically.

Betray .. Meaning 1 .. Anne Frank’s family in hiding in Amsterdam was betrayed by a local man that led to their arrest by the Nazis. With a very wicked intention, he informed the police about the family’s secret living.

Meaning 2 .. The nervousness and sweating of the witness during cross-examination clearly pointed out to the fact that he was hiding something.

Lurid .. Passing lurid comments against fellow girl students in the class created such a protest by them that the principal was forced to step in and punish the offenders.

Willy-nilly .. Meaning 1 .. The drought-affected farmers were annoyed to see their minister announcing certain relief measures willy-nilly in the public meeting. His speech showed that he was insincere in his thinking, and was didn’t apply his mind while drafting the relief measures.

Meaning 2 .. When the judge in Apex Court dismissed the PIL willy-nilly without properly hearing the lawyer who had filed it, everyone in the court room felt sad and aggrieved.

Rapprochement .. Peace lovers around the world still hope for a rapprochement between the mighty United States, and the tiny North Korea, who have been at loggerheads with one another for years.

Nuance ..I listened to the speech of Prof. Amartya Sen to understand and appreciated the nuance of his proposition.

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