Words and Phrases 17

Knowing the use of these words will help you to top the class in English.

Quaint, Paddock, Expansive, Ramshackle, Escarpment, Reek

Quaint … My grandfather had got a table and a chair made by the village carpenter out of Mahogany wood for his study. The style was exactly the same as the one in his Oxford room where he did his B.A in English literature. I often use the same quaint Mahogany furniture to write poems, but with little success.

Paddock .. The Australians have a problem with the large number of wild horses that roam the countryside. The sheriff could neither cull them, nor control them. Finally, he made dozens of paddocks made and got them herded into those enclosures.

Expansive .. Robert Frost was a lover of Nature and solitude. The expansive lonely sea beaches of southern England held particular attraction for him.

Ramshackle .. Cyclone Fani devastated part of the eastern coast of India. As a precautionary measure, poor people living in ramshackle cottages in low-lying areas were compulsorily asked to move to secure shelters under government supervision.

Escarpment .. It means a long steep slope.  A few cottages have been built in the escarpment of the Himalayan foothills for poets and writers to indulge in their work undisturbed by anyone.

Reek .. Meaning 1 .. The husband returned late from the party reeking of hard liquor. The dutiful wife helped him to stagger inside from the car.

Meaning 2 .. In India, not a single defense purchase deal is signed without bribe. The government auditors were appalled to see that each and every file reeked of corruption and loot of public money.



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