Summary / Precis Writing Specimen -2

Summary / precis writing …

The following piece has 228 words. Write a summary / précis of this write-up by reducing it to approximately one third its word count, but not omitting any important fact or information at all. Your précis / summary should not exceed 80 words.

India’s 100 million tribespeople are, in the words of a historian, its invisible and marginal minority. Despite affirmative action, most of them continue to eke out a miserable existence in the heavily forested, mineral-rich states. More than four million of them, by one estimate, live in protected forest areas, which comprise about 5% of India’s total land area. Some 500 wildlife sanctuaries and 90 national parks make up these protected areas. A 2006 law gives tribespeople and other dwellers living on forest land for three generations before December 2005 the legal right to live and work on the land. Now India’s Supreme Court has ordered that more than a million such families living on forest land will have to leave soon. The top court has acted on information provided by 17 states. The states have carried out a three-step verification of more than four million occupancy claims – each requiring 13 different kinds of evidence – of each family living on forest land. Some 1.8 million claims have been accepted and land titles handed over to families living on 72,000sq km of forest land, an area equivalent to the north-eastern state of Assam. But more than a million claims have been rejected, so an equal number of families face eviction. Environmental journalist Nitin Sethi calls this the “largest mass scale, legally sanctioned eviction of tribals in independent India”.  [Passage taken from BBC (Sowtik Biswas)]

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Answer ….

A recent Supreme Court judgment has overturned an earlier 2006 judgment giving legal land rights to tribals living in forests for three generations. Four of India’s 100 million tribal people live in pockets of land inside dense forests in extreme poverty and backwardness. Some 50 national parks and 90 wildlife sanctuaries make up such forest land. From here, a million families will now be evicted, because rigorous government surveys in 17 states done earlier had found them to be potential squatters. [81 WORDS]

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