English Learning in Slow Pace 3 – The Man-Eating Leopard

In our English Learning in Slow Pace Series, we aim to break down higher level English lessons into small – easy to understand chunks for the beginners. There will be questions from important sections of the stories which, combined together, give a good overall idea about the lesson to the reader. The Jim Corbett authored lesson will the first one we cover. If you haven’t gone through the second part yet, click here to do so now!

Answer these questions :

Q1. Describe how the pilgrim shelters of Golabari are built.

Q2. How the inmates of the shelter get their supplies of drinking water?

Q3. Who is the owner of the shelter house? Where does he live?

Q4. Describe the road that goes to Kedarnath via the left bank f the Mandakini river across Alaknanda. Why is the journey along this road so difficult. (Answers in the beginning of the last paragraph  in Page 3.)

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