Odisha State Board Plus 2 .. Th Open Window by Saki–Answers

The Open Window by Saki

Think it out ..1
1. Why did Nuttel … Nuttel’s sister had recommended the names of a few decent persons whom Nuttel could befriend to cut his boredom in the rural retreat he was visiting for the first time.
2. What did the young lady .. The young lady mournfully narrated how her aunt’s husband and two younger brothers along with their dog had gone ahunting just a year ago to the bog, but never made their way back home.

Think it out 2 ..
1. What did Mrs. Sappleton say… She told Mr. Nuttel that her husband and her two brothers would soon return and enter through the window with their soiled shoes and hunting gears.
2. How did Nuttel .. Nuttel was horrified to see the trio, thought to long dead, returning soon.
3. Why did Mr. Nuttel . Mr. Nuttel was flummoxed and very frightened at the prospect of seeing the trio back. He was battling nerve disorder, and he instantly decided to flee to escape the horror.
4. How did Vera … She was quick-witted. She said that the visitor fled because he dreaded dogs.
5. How does Vera … Vera was a master in conjuring up things very quickly. She attributed Mr. Nuttel’s dread of dogs to his past encounter with a pack of dogs in the Ganges when he managed to save his life by hiding in a grave. Although it was a lie, she managed to give a romantic twist to the day’s happenings.

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