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London in Minus Fours by Louis Fischer

Think it out 1
1. Why was Gandhi chosen as ……….Gandhi represented the voice of large sections of Indians. His charm and personality made him eminently qualified to represent India in the Round Table Conference. So, he was chosen as the sole representative of Congress in the London Conference.

2. How did Gandhi befriend the men …….Gandhi made his way into the hearts of the poor Londoners by his jovial nature and his disarming modesty. During his morning strolls, he charmed everyone whom he encountered on the way through his smiles and greetings. Even the children were attracted to him. At times, Gandhi used to call on people at their homes. The rapport he built with the British endeared him to one and all.

Thik it out 2
1. What was Gandhi’s reply to the journalists’ ….To the journalists’ question about his scanty dress, Gandhi replied saying that they wore ‘plus-fours’, where as he wore ‘minus-fours’.

2. What did Gandhi say ….Gandhiji wore his usual frugal dress even while going to meet the King. He wore a loincloth, sandals, and a shawl. His dollar watch hung from his waist.

3.What did Gandhi say in reply ….Gandhi had a ready repartee for the person who asked him if he was properly dressed for his meeting with the King. Gandhi quipped that the King had enough clothes on his body for both of them.

Think it out 3 –

1. How did Gandhi ….. Gandhiji enjoyed himself in London by meeting many famous personalities like Lord lrwen, David Lloyd Geroge, Marshal Smuts, Bernard Shaw. He also had some public meetings. However, Winston Churchill refused to see him.

2. What was Gandhi’s idea of free India …..Gandhiji’s idea was to completely severe all links of India with the British colonial authority. However, he was not in favour of cutting off relations with the people of Britain. To this end, he wanted India to remain in the Commonwealth, as a free nation rubbing shoulders with the British government in equal terms.

3. What did Gandhi mean by creative ……..By ‘creative interdependence’, Gandhi visualized a free India. Freedom had to foster love, friendship, work, progress, prosperity, unity, and security for the independent people. Freedom for namesake was not what Gandhi wanted.

Think it out 4
1. What qualities in Gandhi ..Gandhij’s qualities like charm, frankness, humility, and accessibility turned his opponents into his friends.

2. How did he make friends …..Gandhi remained steadfast on his noble principles. He never allowed jealousy, vengeance or rivalry to creep into his mind. He was fair and honest with both friends and foes alike. His life was open and transparent. He readily apologized For the smallest discourtesy to anyone, he would apologize with no qualms. Thus, he won many friends even among those whom he criticized.

3. What was Gandhi’s work ….Mahatma Gandi’s work outside the Round Table Conference was to convince the people about the genuineness of India’s sorrows and her craving for freedom.

4. Why did the Second ..The Second Round Table conference failed as Lord Reading stubbornly refused to give any tangible relief to India with regard to her demand for freedom. Lord Reading reiterated that Britain would continue to colonize India.

5. How did Gandhi treat …Mr. Gandhi built a rapport with the Scotland Yard detectives by treating them equally and in the friendliest way. He visited their homes. He didn’t maintain any distance from them during his public appearances. On returning to India, he sent them two watches as his personal presents.
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