Odisha State Board Alt. English Memories of Crossgates School-George Orwell –Question answers

Memories of Crossgates School by George Owen

Activity 2..
a. At what time of ….The author, along with a few of his friends, bathed in the sea in summer afternoon. On other occasions, he enjoyed his swimming at around nine at night in the company of his friends.
b. Did he enjoy …. He really enjoyed swimming among the chalk boulders despite the bruises and cuts he suffered in the process. ‘still wonderful’ in the next sentence shows that he enjoyed his swimming among the chalk stones.
c. During midsummer evenings, the author, along with his friends, was allowed to wander carefree in the long evenings culminating in a swimming bath at about 9pm.
d. Who were the author’s … The author enjoyed reading the works of Ian Hay, Kipling, Thackeray, and H. G. Wells.
e. What are the … The author was fascinated by myriad species of caterpillars in the surroundings. They had many colours – silky green, purple, ghostly green etc.
f. What does Orwell .. The author took to cricket – the real Englishman’s game, but failed to make a mark in it. Such love affairs were non-starters.
g. What does Orwell… Orwell found the school system a bit stifling. It killed a child’s natural interests in the many curious things they stumbled across in Nature. On the whole, he felt constrained and chained to a dry and draconian system

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