Letter writing -Request for ATM

Letter writing — Request for ATM

The Regional Manager,
State Bank of India
Mahendrapur Mahendrapur
                                                                                  Date ……..
Sub .. Request for opening an ATM counter at Sitapuri village
We, the residents of Sitapuri village in Moyinpur Bloc, are facing difficulty in withdrawing cash from our accounts held in your Moyinpur branch. This is the nearest branch of SBI for us. This is about 10 kilometers away from our village. A rivulet, which swells during rainy season, separates Moyinpur and Sitapuri.
About 95% of the 10,000 families in our area are the customers of SBI, Moyinpur branch. Most of these people are in business and small trades. The rest are retired army personnel and government servants. Those in business need to withdraw money quite frequently, sometime 10 times in a month. For this, they have to cover the 10 kilometers and back from the bank. During monsoon months, this becomes quite difficult. For those in urgent need of cash, this becomes a nightmare to most customers.
We need to bring to your notice the fact that all these customers make up an economically vibrant community. They are prosperous entrepreneurs. They have sizeable balances in their accounts. The army personnel draw their pensions through their bank accounts in your Moyinpur branch. A few of them have been handicapped due to war injuries. For these customers commuting to bank is virtually impossible.
In view of the above, opening an ATM in our locality will make sound financial and moral sense for SBI. We have also decided to offer the required space for the ATM in our village community office at a nominal rent of Rs.100 per month.
We, therefore, request you to consider opening an ATM counter in our area. This convenience will attract more business for the bank.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
(Signature, name and mobile phone numbers)

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