English Skill Building – 35 – Grammar

English Skill Building – 35

Grammar Exercise – 6

Fill in the blanks by selecting the right words from the list


1. I finished my Mathematics paper half an hour early. I had nothing else to do except __________ the bell to ring, so that I could hand over my answer script and run out of the hall.
2. I told my mom, “I am ready to do anything in the kitchen except __________ the floor.
3. It’s easier to play the guitar yourself than __________ it to a group of young learners.
4. The farmer’s wife screamed, “I have to feed the bullocks and __________ the children.”
5. It is as easy to smile as __________.
6. Why don’t you do something useful like __________ the car?
7. What an antibiotic does is __________ the pace of killing the infecting bacteria.

[Swab, Look after, Wait for, Demonstrate, Frown, Wash, Hasten]


1. Wait for, 2. Swab, 3. Demonstrate, 4. Look after, 5. Frown, 6. Wash, 7. Hasten

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