BSE Class 10 – Festivals of North East India

Question and Answers for the chapter ‘Festivals of North East India‘ from BSE Odisha Class 10 Textbook: 1. What is North East India? Which states are called the land of seven sisters? Ans. India is a large country with 29 states and 7 union territories. The North Eastern states derive their names primarily because of … Read more

A letter to your father telling him about how you expect to fare in the H.S.C. Exam – BSE Class 10

In our Letter Writing Series meant for students up to Class 10, we focus on teaching learners proper letter writing skills that can fetch them good marks in Exams. This letter from a student is in response to his father’s benevolent letter for success in the Board Exams.               … Read more

BSE English – At The High School Answers- Class 10

How was the performance of Gandhi in primary education? Gandhi was not surely a laggard in his class, and used to ne in the good books of is teachers. His progression and character certificate issued by the school were unblemished. When he received prizes after Cass 2 and Class 5 and 6, he was pleasantly surprised … Read more