Comprehension and Current Affairs for top students (Part 2)

Current Affairs and good English are key to success… Read the following write-up and answer the question appearing between the paragraphs. This week, he accused left-wing nongovernmental organizations of deliberately starting the fires, but later admitted that he had no evidence to back up the claim. “Everything … Read more

Comprehension exercise 25…

Comprehension 25… Read he passage and write the answers. Justice is 7 years old. She’s besotted with Frozen’s Princess Elsa and knows all the words to the film’s hit song “Let It Go.” Every morning, she collects the frangipani flowers that have fallen into her guardian’s … Read more

Comprehension exercise 24

Contrast between Goa and Hampi through a tourist’s eyes …  A visit to Hampi Ancient Vijayanagara, a crumbling 16th-century metropolis, is a stark contrast to the decadence of Goa’s beach life. Once the hippie paradise of the sixties, Goa’s beautiful beaches are now overrun with … Read more

Comprehension exercise 23

Comprehension exercise 23 Read the article below about the hurdles in the path of girls’ education. The article has been taken from TIME. It is written by Nilanjana Bhowmick. Answer the questions that appear after each paragraph. ————————————.———————– Why India’s young girls’ enrolment in schools … Read more

Comprehension exercise 22

The following story is written by Khusi Agarwal. It appeared in Livewire / Wire website. Read it and answer the questions in red. —————————————————————————————————————————————————. How an Internship Changed Everything for Me Last October, I interned for nine days, a seemingly insignificant period of time, at … Read more

Comprehension exercise 21

Comprehension exercise 21 .. Read the full text below and answer the short questions that follow. Text .. Olympiakos was Giannis’ team. He idolised their Brazilian forward Giovanni and Arsenal striker Thierry Henry. His and Thanasis’ playground commentaries featured them in the Champions League final … Read more

Comprehension exercise 19

Comprehension exercise 19 ————————————————————————.————— Read the following news item and answer the short questions that follow. Malaysian authorities have seized more than 5,000 baby turtles discovered in luggage at Kuala Lumpur airport. Two Indian men were arrested after the 5,255 red-eared sliders – a semi-aquatic … Read more

Comprehension exercise 16

Comprehension exercise 16 Read the write-up given below, and answer the comprehension questions that follow. Please write full answers.   If you’ve bought a luxury leather handbag in Milan or Manhattan recently, chances are high that it was made in Sanjay Leekha’s three-storey factory in … Read more