Comprehension 4

Comprehension passage …. A rare Asiatic black bear has been spotted in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), South Korea’s government says. It was captured on video in the eastern part of the zone that divides North and South Korea. The Asiatic black bear is described as … Read more

ISC Class 12 Literature — Dream Children by Charles Lamb

Dream Children by Charles Lamb Charles Lamb(1774-1834) didn’t live long, but he made stellar contribution to English literature through his essays, short stories, and poems. His personal life was beset with many problems. A lunatic elder sister, a futile romance, and his struggle with mental … Read more

ISC Class 11 Literature– Salvatore by W. Somerset Maugham

Salvatore by W. Somerset Maugham About the author .. Rarely has English literature produced such a prolific short story writer, playwright, and novelist as Dr. Somerset Maugham(1874-1965). This literary genius, born in a family of legal luminaries, spurned a career in law, although it offered … Read more

ISC Class 12 Literature ..Quality by John Galsworthy

Quality by John Galsworthy About the author ….John Galsworthy (1867–1933), the celebrated English novelist and playwright will remain evergreen in the minds of readers for his campaign against class divide, the malaise of materialistic pursuits of the affluent class,  and the appalling conditions in prisons … Read more

ISC Class 12- Literature –The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin About the author .. Kate Chopin(1850-1904) is remembered as much as for her gripping short stories, as for her pioneering role in American feminist movement. She believed in the institution of marriage as any normal woman, but her … Read more

ISC Class 12 –The Chinese Statue by Sir Jeffry Archer — Summary

The Chinese Statue by Jeffry Archer About the author … Jeffrey Howard Archer (born 15 April 1940) is a colourful personality who has hugged the British political and literary scene for decades. During his life, he has followed him from one scandal to another, but … Read more