Comprehension exercise for South Asian students

Read the text below and answer the questions that follow. How Britain’s opium trade impoverished Indians At the time when the novel, “The Sea of P0ppies’ written by Amitav Ghose is set, poppy was harvested by some 1.3 million peasant households in northern India. The … Read more

Comprehension 4

Comprehension passage …. A rare Asiatic black bear has been spotted in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), South Korea’s government says. It was captured on video in the eastern part of the zone that divides North and South Korea. The Asiatic black bear is described as … Read more

Letter writing — Letter to Editor about bad roads

Letter to Editor about bad roads] From Yogesh Singh …………………. [Address] ..cell number… To The Editor The Hindu Express Hyderabad August 10, 2016 Sir, Unable to live with the dismal roads in our Alipetty area in Hyderabad, I bring my community’s grievances to the attention … Read more

Letter writing –About deplorable bus services in your city

Letter writing –About deplorable bus services in your city   From Name of writer … H.No. 565 Rajinder Avenue Ludhiana                                                   … Read more

Comprehension –How to master it

Comprehension exercise …. Read the following passage and answer the short questions given under the passage. (Illah Kanchaiah is a renowned Indian Dalit intellectual whose book are taught in Columbia University.)  A young Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd once came across a book on Isaiah Berlin in the Osmania … Read more

ICSE Class 9 & 10 Language — Join the sentences exercises to improve syntax skills

Exercises for improving syntax skills… Join the following sentences to make a single sentence.. My uncle is the vice-principal of my college. I was sick four days. I couldn’t pay the fees before the due date. I thought I would face no difficulties if I … Read more