Writing skill-The right word in the right place 2

Words with similar meaning, but different uses … Criticize, Denounce, Reprimand, Rebuke, Decry, Deprecate, Cast aspersions on, Run someone or something down [More such words in the next list to be posted soon] ———————————.——————– Criticize …. a. Boris Johnson has been strongly criticized for his … Read more

Writing skill –The Right Word in the Right Place 1

How best to use these words to add punch to your words…. Refuse, Decline, Deny, Counter, Refute, Botch, Rubbish, Dismiss, Demolish, Rip apart, Rebut ———————————-.———————- Refuse .. a. During Ramzan, the devout Muslim old man refused to sip even a drop of water despite the … Read more

Words & Phrases 24

Words and Phrases 24 … Canary in the coal mine, Cry wolf, Rail as verb, Coterie, Ire, Penchant, Perfidy, Conflagration, Canary in the coal mine.. It means that something awful is going to happen. India’s falling car sales numbers and air traffic data are canary … Read more

Words & Phrases 20

Vocabulary through sentences Inveterate,     Dissonance,     Bellicose,      Bluster,       A fool’s errand Inveterate .. It means an ingrained habit, or practice that won’t change. Viewers of Indian TV channels get disgusted to see the anchors’ inveterate tendency to sensationalize trivial issues … Read more