Summary & Precis Writing exercise with answer

Write a précis of the following write-up. You should reduce its word count to one third without omitting important points. [Total words 171, Précis to have 57 to 62 words maximum.] Write-up .. One of our most difficult problems is what we call discipline and … Read more

Summary / Precis writing with answer

PASSAGE Raju welcomed the intrusion — something to relieve the loneli-ness of the place. The man stood gazing reverentially on his face. Raju felt amused and embarrassed. “Sit down if you like,” Raju said, to break the spell. The other accepted the suggestion with a … Read more

Letter writing — Letter to Editor about bad roads

Letter to Editor about bad roads] From Yogesh Singh …………………. [Address] ..cell number… To The Editor The Hindu Express Hyderabad August 10, 2016 Sir, Unable to live with the dismal roads in our Alipetty area in Hyderabad, I bring my community’s grievances to the attention … Read more