Bilingual English Translation – 49 – English Skill Building

English Translation Exercise – 49

English Skill Building – 146

English Translation Exercise for Odia and Hindi Learners

ଓଡ଼ିଆ ବାକ୍ୟ

୧. ବହୁଦିନଧରି ଚୀନରେ ମିଡ଼ିଆ ଉପରେ କଡ଼ା ପ୍ରତିବନ୍ଧତା ଲାଗୁ ହୋଇଥିଲା।
୨. ଏହି କଟକଣାକୁ ବର୍ତ୍ତମାନ ଚାଲୁଥିବା ପ୍ରତିବାଦ ଖୁବ୍ ଜୋରରେ ଧକ୍କା ଦେଇଛି।
୩. ପ୍ରତିବାଦ ଯାତ୍ରା ଓ ଜନସଭା ସବୁର ଭିଡିଓ ଗୁଡ଼ିକ ଚୀନ୍ ଇଣ୍ଟରନେଟରେ ସମୟ ସମୟରେ ପ୍ରସାରିତ ହେଉଛି।
୪. ଏହା ଦେଖାଉଛି ଯେ ପ୍ରବଳ ଜନ ସମର୍ଥନ ପୃଥିବୀର ସବୁଠୁ କଡାକଡି ଇଣ୍ଟରନେଟ ଉପରେ କଟକଣାକୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ଟପିଯାଉଛି।

हिंदी वाक्य

१. लंबे समय से चीन में मीडिया पर कड़ा प्रतिबंधता लगा हुआ था।
२. जारी विरोध प्रदर्शनों से इस हड़ताल को गहरा धक्का लगाया है.
३. चीनी इंटरनेट पर समय-समय पर विरोध मार्च और जनसभाओं के वीडियो प्रसारित हो रहे हैं।
४. इससे पता चलता है कि मजबूत जन समर्थन दुनिया के सबसे सख्त इंटरनेट प्रतिबंधों पर भी काबू पा रहा है।

Suggested words: Groundswell, Media Censorship, Test to the limits, Challenge frontally, Stretch to the limits, Public Outcry, Rallies, Stringent, Outmatch, Marches, Continue to surface, Clamped

English Translation

1. Strict media censorship has long been clamped on Chinese media for long.
Chinese media has been subjected to stringent censorship for a very long time.

2. The ongoing public demonstrations have tested the restrictions to its limits.
The current public outcry has severely challenged the censorship regime.

3. Videos of the daily marches and rallies have surfaced in the tightly-controlled Chinese internet.
Footage of the daily marches and rallies have found their ways into the Chinese internet bypassing tight control on the access to it.

4. It’s observed that the groundswell has skirted the world’s most tightly -controlled internet.
It’s seen that the enormous public protests have foiled the world’s strongest surveillance system of the Chinese state.

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