BA – The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag by Jim Corbett – Comprehension 4

In the Fourth part of The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag Comprehension Series, we move further in the chapter. If you haven’t gone through the third part yet, click here to do so now.

Q1. Describe how the man described the sudden disappearance of his hookah-smoking friend.

The house was located in an area where the leopard had not made its foray earlier, so people were generally relaxed. On the fateful night a neighbor had come in to have a hookah session with his friend. Their s room was L-shaped. As a result, the entrance door was not visible to the duo. When the host was handing over the hookah to the guest, the latter inadvertently dropped the ash and embers on the blanket on which they sat. He hurriedly bent over to collect the ashes and embers from the floor. His eyes fell on the door from this position. To his utter horror, he found the leopard almost soundlessly dragging away the body of his friend. He had become the latest prey to the leopard. The swiftness of the attack and the silence that prevailed made the attack so vicious.

Q2. What you conclude about the preying skill of the leopard?

The leopard was undoubtedly a very agile and expert hunter. His tricks were surreptitious, and he could launch his attacks  catching his prey totally off guard.


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